Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency -Best 7 Suggested Tools to Use

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Brand Consistency -Best 7 Suggested Tools to Use

Writing regular blog posts or writing ebook or other type of digital content in 2018 is not difficult. In fact, it is so easy to move an idea into the concept that we sometimes forget to check the brand consistency. With the use of internet and basic business tools, almost anyone can produce online content for you with their interpretation of your brand messaging and look.

But, there is bad practice to open up your brand for many customizations and interpretations. You should build a brand that you cultivate and build a trustworthy customer base. If your brand is ever changing your followers then you will not be able to recognize and all credibility will be lost. Therefore, both online and offline, brand sustainability is important for the success of your business. Each customer’s interaction should be linked to your brand’s values and promises in a way that is easy to understand.

Create And Establish Brand Guidelines

It is common for big business organizations (and some tiny corporations) to develop complete usage and magnificence pointers to confirm that their message and property area unit continuously accustomed be spot-on with consistency. This strategy not only makes things easier for the promotion department, however conjointly acts as a useful guide for the staff of different departments.

Successful Brand Consistency

Explore the following examples, and get a feel for how broad and complete a brand guidelines can be:

Walmart Corporation: This branding powerhouse has succeeded in using Walmart Corporate Brand in every conceivable way. Walmart’s editorial voice in the wide brand style guide includes instructions for using brand logo online, in print, on business and more. Includes the right use of fonts, icons, taglines, and logos.

Mozilla: This open source community uses online style guides to help users use Mozilla trademarks and logos, as well as Firefox and other related products. This approach helps all employees protect the brands under Mozilla umbrella

Even if your business is not as big as Walmart or you have the same access to the Mozilla brand, you still need to work to achieve success. These guidelines may seem tremendous, but they are not necessarily what you need to do for a job. However, you have to spend some time setting up the foundation which will guide your brand message, and make sure that it will easily increase the lines with your business goals and the needs of your target audience.

Create content with a brand consistency approach

After developing your unique brand style and guidelines for use, watch them often when creating marketing materials.

Once you’ve created your brand style and usage guidelines, watch them while planning all your content marketing efforts. It has been shown through research that two-thirds of the consumers buy into both channels, online and offline.

5 main areas to consider

Your brand logo and all design elements should be used continuously. All employees should have access to this material in the appropriate content. There is nothing worse than seeing the marketing artwork, which is pixelated, has been re-painted in strange colors or spread beyond the original size. To avoid these types of blender:

Share the network with a folder full of graphic content approved by the company that employees can access and use. Include clear instructions on how to use images online and offline.

  • Create a deck of branded slide for use in webcast video and webinar
  • Make stock cover photos for social media platforms
  • Provide different templates for social sharing and documents
  • All the printing material orders and promotional content must be channeled through one specific person or department

7 recommended tools to use for Consistent Branding

  • Visit cloud-based software system to form whole vogue guides
  • Dropbox business, Google Drive or SharePoint for secure image and template file sharing, and storage solutions
  • Use for brand image, template creation for social media platforms and marketing stuff
  • WiseStamp for professional email signature

Choose the appropriate brand that meets your brand goals. Create content for your calendar that makes sense and serves a specific place. For example, write a blog post that focuses on the development of the industry that is relevant to your main customers, especially if your business has expertise in this issue.

Include offline business events in your online efforts. Your company is being represented in the trade show or you have received some recognition or award, make sure your online followers know about it. Whenever you participate in a community event or play a leadership role, it is a powerful brand-building opportunity. Promote these experiences through social media, blog and video post. Always your brand name


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