High PR Backlinks From Wikipedia,Microsoft and YouTube

High PR Backlinks-How to create backlinks from high PR Sites like Wikipedia, Microsoft, YouTube

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Lets discuss today how can we get High PR Backlinks from PA (Page Authority) 80+ and DA (Domain Authority) 80+ websites, which will for sure increase your site’s authority and your blog would be included in the list of Popular Blogs.

Yes it’s Possible..

There was a lot of people who had this question in mind that how to make High Pr backlinks from websites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, FB, Baizu etc.

So let’s see step by step how you can create backlinks from 3 most Popular webSites. let’s start.

How to create backlinks from Wikipedia, Microsoft and YouTube?


Note: Wikipedia does not provide dofollow backlinks. But this does not mean that taking backlinks from Wikipedia is not right or fruitful.

As you all know, Wikipedia is a popular high authority website and Wikipedia has traffic in millions from all locations across the globe.

If we make backlink on Wikipedia, we can start getting good volume of traffic from Wikipedia within a couple of days.

And google also gives huge importance to that backlink.

You can create a wikipedia account here

When you fill in all the details and login, open your related category page of wikipedia from where you need a backlink.

Then you will see an edit option there on the page, click on it and add some words from your side

But ensure whatever you write should be correct information and valuable for the visitors

Repeat this process 3 to 4 times and don’t  focus on the link at this stage and focus on providing value.

Then click on the References that is written down and add a link to your site.

But keep an eye on the topic on which the link is being created, it should be the same topic as it’s on your website or your link may also be removed.

When you do all this step, your link will be live on Wikipedia.



If you talk about Microsoft’s domain authority, it’s DA100. This is a huge domain authority website. To create a free backlink from Microsoft you just have to follow the steps below and in just 2 to 3 minutes you will get a dofollow backlink from Microsoft.

To make a link on Microsoft, first go to this link => https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us

After that you will see the sign in option there, click on it and login.

If you don’t have a microsoft account, then you can click on the sign up button to create a new account and then login.

When you login, click on My Profile.

microsoft login image

Then click on edit profile to fill your details and link to your site.

The best advantage of this is that you will get a link to your site on anchor text(Keyword)

microsoft profile details

When you fill in all the details, click the save button. Now you have got 1 dofollow backlink from Microsoft 🙂



You also know all about YouTube, YouTube’s Alexa Rank is 2

You can understand how huge YouTube is from it’s Alexa rank.

It’s very easy to get backlinks from YouTube too. And yes you’ll also get links from Anchor text from YouTube.

You can link 5 anchor text to YouTube:

  • To get the link first you go to YouTube.com.
  • Then login with Gmail ID.
  • Click My channel.
  • Go to => About
  • Now link your site to the place of the link with keyword.

As you have seen, making backlinks from YouTube is very easy and I am sure you will follow all these steps well and have a high quality backlinks for your site.

If you have any questions related to backlink, then you can ask us your question via comment.

I would be happy to answer all your questions..

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