free basic seo tools

Free basic SEO tools and Complete Information about them

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In This post you’ll get to know about the free basic seo tools which can help your webiste / blog rank and start getting traffic.

SEO tools that can be used in free


Free basic SEO tools

You can get more than 700+ keyword idea from your single keyword.

So this SEO tool is very good for you if you want to use it,

you just have to enter one keyword so you will have lots of suggestions and long-tail opportunities so that you can select keywords from your own.

 2. Google PageSpeed Insights

Free basic SEO tools

With this tool, you can easily check the speed of your website.

It is important for every website that they load in how much time.

If he is taking too much time, then the user can be rushed,

then you check the speed of your website and see whether they are mobile friendly or not.

It is very important for any website to be mobile friendly

3. Google Analytics

Free basic SEO tools

With help of this tool, you’ll come to know that where the traffic coming to your blog from

and what are the numbers of new users on your website

and how many out of them are the returning users.

It also tells you about the bounce rate percentage.

You get all the information about your users such as city, country, which system is using and much more you can know about it.

 4. Ahrefs’ Site Explorer and Backlink Checker

free basic seo tools

With this tool, you can check the backlinks of your website

and you will also find referring pages and inbound links. So this is a very useful tool.

It’s important to know how many backlinks your website has.


5. Google Webmaster Tools + Bing Webmaster Tools

free basic seo tools

With the Webmaster tool, you can index the sitemap of your website.

How many URLs of your website are indexed and what the search traffic is on your website.

Google webmaster tools make it super easy to check the numbers

To know more about Google Webmaster You can read it here.(will soon upload this article)


6. Google Keyword Planner

free basic seo tools

This will tell you the monthly searches on a specific keyword

and also the competition level on that keyword so that you can make your strategy accordingly.

a keyword with low competition are easy to rank

and will surely help you rank your website in a shorter time.


7 . Google Trends

free basic seo tools

I like this tool because this would tell you that what is being searched and in trend on google right now.

So you can benefit greatly if you use that keyword to provide good content.

You can easily rank your content in Google’s first page and you will get lots of free traffic.


8. Schema Creator

free basic seo tools

You can customize the search result of your own website, how it will look like in a search result in google.

If you have given a review of something, then you can show a review rating star in it and you have created a schema code then just paste it into your website.

You can also use WordPress plugin for easy implementation.


9. SimilarWeb

free basic seo tools

This tool helps you understand the complete states of traffic on a website

like rank, the number of monthly visits, geolocation where the traffic is coming from, sources of traffic, referrals sites and so on.

It also helps to compare the traffic of two websites.


10. XML Sitemaps

free basic seo tools

Simply enter the URL of your website and this tool will give you the sitemap of your website,

then you can insert it into the webmaster.

You can easily create a sitemap of any website.


11.  Find Broken Links

free basic seo tool image

You can find errors coming to your website for you so that you can remove that Broken Link and solve the error.


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