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How to SEO Optimize Meta Title and Meta Description?

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If you are a blogger, you must know that the task of bringing traffic to your blog is not easy. You have to completely optimize your SEO and provide quality content. We keep sharing seo optimizations tips on our blog from time to time. Even today, we will talk about a similar topic for you. When it comes to On Page SEO, then two things are very important, Meta Title and meta description.


On On Page SEO, we do our full content optimization on our existing content and page such as keeping appropriate keyword density, out linking and internal linking, heading tags, formatting, media usage etc. These are also two things, meta title, and meta description.

Let’s first know what is the meta title and meta description after all.

What is Meta Title and Meta Description:

When we do a search on Google, Google shows us links to different websites. As if I search in Google, On Page SEO Tips Google shows a post. In this case, which is showing in Blue, we will call it Meta Title, and whatever is being shown below it, we will say Meta description.

Look at the screenshot below:

Meta Title and Meta Description image 1

Now you will say that Meta Title is the title of the post. Yes but, if you did not set a meta title separately in the meta title tag, then Google will show the title of your post. But if you have set a meta title and meta description for your individual post separately, Google will show it as a preference. This is the same with all search engines, not just Google. We will learn about this thing and in the section next to your post

How to optimize Meta Title and Meta Description?

As if I told you that if you do not set meta title and meta description separately, Google will automatically pick the default title of your post and pick any piece of text from your post, according to the search keyword. will show in results.

But in SEO optimization, we decide that we will set Meta title and meta description separately and Google will show it only in search results. By doing this we can include keywords in the description so that our overall ranking will improve.

Let us first know how to set Meta Title and Meta Description separately. Main for this, you would recommend that you install and activate a free plugin “Yoast“.

After installing Yoast plugin, you can set it up for which you will get all the information in the post above. Now come the meta title and meta description to optimize. Yoast SEO gives you a separate box below while editing every single blog post, on the same page as the WordPress Post Editor, whose screenshot is shown below:

Meta Title and Meta Description image 2



In it basically you have to enter your focused keyword in the field with the Focus keyword and it tells you how much your post is optimized. But if you want to set only meta title and meta description separately, then no matter what you do.

To edit Meta Title, just click on the Blue Colored Title in this box, this will open a meta title field, then you can write whatever you wish to, and same ways you can set/write meta description part.

The screenshot below shows how to do it:

Meta Title and Meta Description image 3

Now the focus is not only to set meta title and meta description but also to optimize SEO. In this case, keeping in mind the things mentioned below, set Meta title and meta description.

  • Meta Title and Meta Description both use your main keyword.
  • Keyword stuffing should not be done and keep it as much natural as possible. Along with this, the description should be appealing so readers can visit your article.
  • Meta description and Meta Title have a fixed length, if your title or description is more than that, Google will not be able to show it to the full. To test this, Yoast gives you the indication from the Green line and the red line. The green line means that everything is fine.
  • Try keeping the keyword in front of the meta title.
  • Keep in mind, Meta title and meta description are something that people see before coming to your website, if they are good then naturally more traffic will come to your website.


So these were some tips, from which you can optimize your Meta title and meta title and SEO. You must also read our other articles:

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