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Start Your Successful Blog- How To Start a Blog and Make Money

Today we will learn How To Start a Blog and Make Money for you for the years to come and build an online asset for you in the form of your very own money making super powerful blog.

Hi, My name is Sunil,  I am doing internet marketing successfully from the last over 6 years. I love sharing my experiences with my followers/friends,

which helps them avoid unnecessary struggle and get success fast in their online business. Today I will share with you how to start a blog and make money.

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your knowledge and ideas with the world which could be a solution to their problems and by doing this it gives you the chance to make money out of it too.

Here I will show you how to start a blog in 7 simple steps and convert it into a money making machine for you for the entire life.

If you follow all the 7 steps religiously, you will have a super money making blog up and running after 7 days. I named it “Blogging Quick Start Success”

Blogging Quick Start Success


How To Start a Blog and Make Money

Welcome to Blogging Quick Start Success

First of all, Congratulate yourself, as you have taken the first step to become a blogger today:)

In BQSS, I’ll show you exactly how to:

  •  Find your niche, know who to target, and plan your business success.
    •    Choose a revenue model and monetize your idea.
    •    Build a successful website that will support your business.
    •    Make and keep your community happy and engaged.
    •    Create valuable content people will want to share and sign up for more.
    •    Employ different ways of marketing your business.
    •    Build on your success and execute like a boss.

But there’s a catch, I will show you how to start a blog and make money successfully but You will also have to commit to learn the things and take action.

Building an online business takes time and effort. It’s not a cup of tea for everyone.

You already know this. I just have to say it one more time. And more importantly,

I know you want to do this. I can feel it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have shown interest in this Article

So, Let’s start this amazing and life-changing journey of 7 days..

The Basics of Blogging

Lesson 1: The Basics of Blogging  

It’s officially your first day to take a deep dive into this big online marketing ocean. I guarantee that once you go through all 7 days/Steps, you’ll have a clear picture of blogging.

By the end of Blogging Quick Start Success, I want you to feel confident about blogging and the success of your online business.

I’m super pumped right now!

Let’s do this!

Today, we’ll be covering the topic on finding your passion, and how to turn that passion into a working business.

We’ll dive into choosing your niche, defining your target audience, and building a plan for your business.

Why we need a plan here?

Every big empire you see around you was built around a plan. They clearly knew what they are going to do,

how much efforts they are going to put and what does it going to take to build that big business.

 So we are going to write down all things on a piece of paper. And I want you to do it right now.

  • How much time am I willing to put every single day?
  • What amount of time am I willing to put every single week?
  • The time am I willing to invest in this real business?
  • For whom am I going to write on my blog (decide age group, interest etc.)

Once you have written down your goals, targets and the efforts you are willing to put to become a great blogger, let’s start it by choosing a niche.

How to find a perfect niche for your blog?

To be very frank, it all starts with YOU.

I cannot recommend you to start a blog for dog training when you don’t even have any idea about dogs.

So the first person who is going to decide about your blog niche is YOU.

#1. Skills

Grab a piece of paper and write down the talents and things you’re good at. Be honest. See the difference between the skills you have and the skills you wish you had.

Also, think about what have other people commended you on in the past?

These are the skills which you are very good at.

#2. Passion

Then write down what do you enjoy doing most?

Take a deep look into yourself and try to identify what makes your heart sing. What are the things you do in your life (or did in the past) that you just love doing?

Think about your hobbies, about how you spend your free time and your off days.

Make a list of all the activities or organizations you have participated in, led, or enjoyed throughout your life. Is there a common link tying each of them together?

Listen closely. This link may not be loud and obvious.

#3. Challenges

There might be few things around you which you find very challenging. What frustration do you have in your life? What frustration so you often see in your friends?

Ask yourself, Can I solve these problems by writing some content on my blog?

One of my friend (who is a photographer) was having a recurring problem.

Whenever any of his friend or family member was buying a camera, they were coming to him for the suggestions asking which model to buy,

what are the things we should check when we buy a DSLR and what are the ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed.

So he started a blog where he started writing such stuff to help people. Now, if anyone comes to him for the help, he just tell them his blog’s link and living a peaceful life.

#4. Target Audience

You should have a clear picture of your target audience.

Decide which age group do you want to target on your blog. Are they male or female?

Are they passionate about the niche you are selecting (e.g learning guitar) or they are worried about it (weight loss )

Understanding your target is important because it tells you the tone of your niche. What words to use and how to write the articles.

E.g you cannot write articles in a funny way when you are talking about pain in the article.

So understand your target audience.

So here you go, we have completed our Lesson 1 today. I suggest you to complete the steps of lesson 1 before jump onto lesson -2 ..

I know you are excited and can’t wait to read further but following steps with every lesson and taking action onto it is also important to actually start a blog successfully.

I hope that’s what your goal is 🙂

DAY /STEP- 1 [Extra Lesson]: 

Validating Your Niche

Lesson 1.1: Validating Your Niche

This is an extra lesson.

Congrats for completing Lesson 1 ..In the last lesson, we talked about selecting a niche.

OK!! You have finalized that cooking is your niche because you cook very delicious food and you can teach the same with your blog.

But how to validate that we are on the right track?

Here you will learn the same..

#1. Research people writing on the same niche

The presence of competition is not a bad thing. If there is competition, that means the money is there.

So be happy if you find a lot of blogs writing about that topic.

Create a spreadsheet and note down all the good blogs you come across which are writing on the same topic.

Read a few articles and see what type of content they are delivering.

Ask these questions to yourself.

  • Am I satisfied with the information they have delivered?
  • Could I deliver something better than this?
  • Can I be more transparent and show people the other side of this niche?
  • Do I have options to monetize this blog in other ways?

Once you get the answers, we will move to the next most important step.

#2. Check on Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free tool developed by Google.

It gives you the clear picture of your selected niche.

But before proceeding to use the Google keyword planner, we need to understand a few terms.

Keyword: Whenever we search for anything in Google, they are called keywords. E.g how to lose weight, how to make money online, best action movies in Bollywood.

These all are called keywords.

CPC: Cost per click. As a blogger, you don’t actually need to understand this term. But as you are going to see a column of CPC so I am covering this here. CPC is for advertisers.

I.e if anyone wants to put ads on Google for the keyword “how to make money online,” they will have to pay that much money per click to Google. Yeah, per click.

So, you should use the Google keyword planner to validate our niche.

Watch this short video to understand how Google Keyword Planner Works :

So here we have completed another lesson on how to start a blog and make money.

DAY /STEP- 2 : 

Setting Up Your Blog's Foundation

Lesson 2: Setting Up Your Blog’s Foundation

Today I am more excited than you.

Today we will be doing things practically.

You must be pumped and fully charged after reading my last emails. You must have got a clear picture of blogging, selected your niche and understood the power of blogging to make money online.

Today we will learn how to set up a blog for you.

You must be thinking that setting up a blog is very technical things. I cannot do it as I am not a very technical kind of person.

Setting up your website can be daunting. It looks hard and time-consuming.

Surprisingly, though, it isn’t.

We are going to start with WordPress. This is a content management system which will work as a backbone to feed your content on the internet.

We will learn how to buy a good hosting server for your blog and how to setup WordPress on it. 

#1. Deciding your domain name

This is your brand. This is the name people are going to remember. This is the name you are going to promote and ultimately this is the name which is going to give you a worldwide recognition.

So be very cautious which selecting a domain name for your blog.

Here are some thumb rules for buying a domain name.

  1.  It should be small
    2.    It should be easy to remember
    3.    I prefer having .com domain names, so I recommend you to do the same.

I always buy domains from NameCheap. This is one of the world’s largest domain provider company and very trustworthy too.

You can go to NameCheap and start searching for some good domain names. 

Pro Tip: You can search for your main keyword on It will check all the amazing domain available for that niche.

Let’s say you want to search some good domain for your cooking blog. Just go to and type your keyword cooking there. 

 #2. Choosing a good hosting service

Your hosting is a pillar where your blog will stand. This is a server where all your data is going to save online.

All the images, texts, videos are going to save on this server when you write anything on your blog.

A good hosting server should have:

  •  A cPanel to control everything easily
  • Add unlimited domains on the server to run multiple blogs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited email accounts

Luckily, BlueHost is such a hosting service provider which meets all the needs.

How to buy hosting from BlueHost?

Step 1: Open the official website using this link (this link will activate a special discount for you).
Step 2: Click on SHARED HOSTING under The HOSTING button in the menu.
Step 3: Select Plus package(in the center)
Step 4: Enter the domain name.

#3. Installing WordPress

We are going to use WordPress as our CMS (Content Management System).

In BlueHost you can install WordPress in just a few clicks. They have given inbuilt scripts on your server. (Simple Tutorials Videos will be available in your Bluehost account)

You just need to select the domain where you want to install any script, in our case, we will select WordPress, and click install.

In just a few seconds it will be installed on your domain name and you will get login details. 

#4. Selecting a Good Theme

A good looking theme makes your blog look more professional.

In simple words, it’s the design of your blog. How you want to make it look.

There are tons of themes available in the market. The biggest repository of WordPress themes is ThemeForest. You just go there and select any good looking theme for your blog.

Otherwise, you can download any free theme from MyThemeShop and install on your WordPress site to make it look amazing. 

#5. Setting up email Service on Your Blog

Setting a mechanism to capture emails on your blog is very crucial. We are going to cover this in details in Lesson 4.

I personally use Aweber for sending all the emails and capturing them in my database.

One of the biggest mistakes newbies do is, they don’t understand the importance of email marketing, so they don’t give it an importance.

But luckily, you are not going to make this mistake.

I am here giving you step by step instruction, so believe what I am writing here.

Being in the industry for more than 6 years, this is the biggest mistake I have seen in the newbies.

Start Aweber by giving it a try for the first month at free of cost.


We have completed the foundation of a good blog. hope you are enjoying going through these lessons on how to start a blog and  make money

In the next lesson, we are going to see how people in the industry are making money with blogging.

Day /Step-3

How To Make Money with Your Blog

Lesson 3: How To Make Money with Your Blog

I know you are excited because today some money will start rolling.

Today you’ll be more confident about this blogging business, as today you are going to see earning potential.

Today I am going to tell you the legit ways to make money with a blog and how can you do it in an effective way.

So in this article, I am going to show you some of the best methods which you can use on your blog to monetize it. 

#1. AdSense

This is one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog. Once you have a quality blog having 15-20 amazing articles written on it, you can apply for Google AdSense.

AdSense will show some relevant ads on your blog. So if anyone clicks on your ads, you are going to make money.

Precaution: Don’t click on your ads yourself and ask your family/friends on click on it.

Google’s smart algorithm is going to detect that from where the clicks are coming and going to ban your AdSense account immediately without any warning mail. 

#2. Affiliate Marketing

I just love Affiliate Marketing.

This is a monetizing method where you sell other people’s product with your unique affiliate link and they pay you a commission for it.

The link they provide you is a unique link created only for you. So if someone clicks on that link and buy the product which you recommended, the company will track that this sale came after clicking on your affiliate link. So you will get paid for it.

It’s a simple method to monetize a blog.

#3. Selling Banners

Once you start getting some traffic on your blog, you can sell advertising space to other product owners. In return, they will pay you a handsome amount just to place a nice looking banner on your blog.

They make money when people buy the products after clicking the banners from your blog. So they pay you a fixed amount to place the banners on your blog.

I’m sure you must be feeling much confident now about how to start a blog and make money.

Day /Step-4: 

Setting up Emails

Lesson 4: Setting up Emails

We are on Lesson 4 now. Completed almost half of the 7-days series training. 

Email is crucial.

My biggest mistake in the starting days of my Online career was not building an email list. I might have lost thousands of potential customers, just because I was not building an email list.

OK. Tell me, what is the first thing you do in the morning after checking your Facebook account (I know we all check Facebook first in the morning)?

Did you say..check emails?

Yeah, you got me right.

Email is the second most crucial things I check every single day when I open my laptop.
Most of the people use the same email address for years.

So you need an email list for building an awesome relationship with your subscribers. You need an email list to announce anything to your subscribers. 

So how to build an email list? 

#1. Choose an awesome email marketing service provider.

I strongly recommend Aweber . This is an email marketing solution which has all the required features at a reasonable cost.

With Aweber, you can write simple emails which land on the main tab in Gmail rather than promotional tabs. So you get a more open rate and better deliverability.

And Aweber gives you the mind-blowing functionality to automate your email actions, sequences to get the most out of an email marketing service.

You can start your FREE 30 days trial by clicking here. 

#3. Nurturing your email list and growing it

Once we have all the forms on proper places, the next step is to grow your email list and nurture them for keeping them warm.

Here is how you can grow your email list.

  •  Start writing guest posts on some good blogs and ask them to subscribe to your blog.
  • Start participating in various discussions on Facebook groups.
  • Start writing some valuable stuff on various forums in your niche.
  • Start some Facebook ads to promote your articles (if you have a budget for this).

Once you start seeing people subscribing your email list, the next step is to nurture them.
Make a schedule to send them an email twice or thrice a week.

Don’t hesitate to do it, because this is the only way to make them remind about your brand.

You can start sending them emails like:

  •  When you publish any new blog post.
  • When you read any good book and learn something new
  • When you watch any good video which teaches something very good.
  • Tell them about your upcoming books, videos, software
  • Show them behind the scene
  • Asking for the reviews about your blog posts
  • Taking suggestions for the next article’s topics

Building an email list can be one of the best decisions you can ever take for your blog to grow.

Start doing it right today itself.

  1.  Start your Aweber FREE 30 days trial 
    2.    Add opt-in forms on various places on your blog
    3.    Start promoting your blog to get some new subscribers
    4.    Keep emailing them by providing value

You must be feeling more confident now.. Right?

Our next lesson is about creating content for your blog which people love to read. 


Creating Content For Your Blog

Lesson 5: Creating Content For Your Blog

Let me be very honest here.

Doesn’t matter how good your domain name is, how powerful your hosting is, or how beautifully you have designed your WordPress blog, they are worthless if the content on your blog sucks. 

Your content is the main key.

That’s what we are going to deliver with your blog.

So the quality of your content is on highest priority when you are a blogger.

The very first question people ask when they start their blogging career is, “what should be the minimum number of words any blogger should write to make it an awesome blog post?”

Should it be 300 words or 3000+ words?

My answer is – It should deliver the value and teach people in a right way.

Seth Godin is a perfect example whose blog posts are just 150-300 words long. Still, they are so powerful that they get tons of shares..

On the other hand, Neil Patel writes 5000-8000 words long blog posts. Very detailed and very informative. 

Always focus on delivering the quality rather than quantity.

So, how to write compelling content?

My formula is – Study the competitors and deliver something better than them.

Writing quality content is not a rocket science. You just need to collect information from various places and deliver them in a better way.

Don’t be afraid how would you do it..We all start at ZERO.

Be happy because you are taking actions right now rather than just thinking about starting a blog.

You can start writing some evergreen content on your blog

  •  How to articles
  • Write about some tools which you are using to boost your business
  • Write some case studies
  • Writing some tips

Once you start writing, you’ll start getting tons of more ideas. 

PRO Tip: You can start using where you can get tons of blog posts ideas just by typing your keywords in the search box.

Collect 7-8 good ideas and work on writing something creative on those titles.

We have almost completed the 7-days series course. Only 2 more emails are left and you are set to become an amazing blogger. 

In the next lesson, I am going to share how to get traffic to your blog. 


Driving Traffic on Your Blog

Lesson 6: Driving Traffic on Your Blog

Just one more step and you have all the data which anyone should have to become an amazing blogger. 


The most crucial thing in the online career.

Your “best blog in the world” is ZERO if you don’t have any traffic.

I am happy that you have followed all the previous lessons and going to learn some hacks to drive traffic to your blog today.

Let’s dive and start getting some traffic on your blog. 

#1. Participating in Question Answer Websites

I personally love this method to drive traffic to any blog, so I am covering this very first. You can head over to and search for your topic.

Once you find some nice questions on the site, you can join that thread and start writing your answer.

The reason I love Q&A sites is that they are very targeted.

If anyone is asking any question on such sites, that means he is looking for the solution to something.

Once you help that person with your answer, your answer get visibility on that platform and people start visiting your site for more information on that topic. 

Pro Tip: You can smartly insert your blog posts link while typing answer.

Precaution: Don’t insert your link every time, otherwise Quora will disable your account for spamming too much.

You can do this same practice on many question answer websites. Just go to Google and search question answer websites. 

#2. Social Media

There are over 2 billion people on Facebook right now.

28% people of the world (there are 7 billion people on earth).

This number is HUGE.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account. Which means that your potential readers are hanging out with their family and friends on Facebook.

You can search for some good groups by typing your main keyword in the Facebook search box. Once you find those active groups,

send them a request to join the group (most of the good groups are closed group so you need to request the group admin for the approval before joining).

Start participating in various discussions and help them by inserting your blog post links. 

#3. SEO

SEO aka Search Engine Optimization.

In short – Optimizing your blog posts in such a way that you start getting ranking in search engines and ultimately start driving traffic to your blog.

There are two types of SEO

  •  On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO: This is the SEO which you do when you write your blog posts. As we do this SEO in the post we are writing on our blog, so this is called On-Page SEO.

Here are some of the important things to keep in mind for doing an effective On-Page SEO.

  •  Your title must have the keyword which you want to rank
    •    Your URL slug must have that keyword
    •    The keyword should in the meta description and meta title
    •    Keyword in the alt tag of images
    •    The keyword should repeat 4-5 times in a blog post having 1000 words.

Once you do these things on your blog posts, your posts are now optimized for search engines.

Off-Page SEO: This is the SEO which we do for our blog to rank in Google. This includes making some backlinks for your blog.

Let’s understand a backlink first.

The backlink is a link which you get from other blogs. This is a kind of endorsement which Google gives to your blog.

This means that if someone is linking your blog to his blog, that means that your blog is a good blog.

More the backlinks = Strongest the Off-Page SEO of your blog.

You can make backlinks from article submission sites, web 2.0 sites, writing comments on other blogs, submitting your site in directories and writing guest posts on other blogs. 

#4. Guest posting

This is one of the legit ways to give strength to your blog and get traffic from other high authority blogs.

This is a practice of writing awesome blog posts on other good blogs?

You must be asking, “why would anyone write an epic blog post on other blogs?”

Here is the answer.

We kill many birds by writing blog posts.

  1.        It helps to start getting traffic from other blogs.
    2.    Gives us quality BackLinks
    3.    We build our authority
    4.    Helps us make strong connections with other bloggers

These are some of the starting methods which you can adapt to bring some visitors on your blog.

Once you start seeing some success with the methods mentioned above, you can start looking for more methods to drive traffic.

Start working on them and get some traffic on your blogs. 


How To Start a Blog and Make Money

Lesson 7: Optimizing For More

This is the final lesson of BQSS (Blogging Quick Start Success).

I am as excited as you are

Today we are going to take things to next level, coming out of rat race and becoming a person which you always wanted to be.

Feeling pumped?

Today we are not going to optimize our blog.

No, we don’t.

Today I am going to talk about the mindset optimization. How becoming a blogger is one of the best decision you have taken and how can you help the world with your words. 

#1. Don’t listen to people

Many people come to you and say that blogging is not easy. It’s not easy because they think like this.

But if you are confident that you can change your life with blogging, give a huge round of applause to yourself.

Don’t listen to people who say that you cannot do it.

They say this because they think that they cannot do it.

Say bye bye to those losers.

#2. Make a habit to read daily

Like we need food on daily basis to keep our body healthy, there should be a daily reading food for your mind to keep it healthy too.

Start reading some good blogs in your industry on daily basis and try to understand their tone.

Analyze how they write articles, what type of titles they use for their blog posts, what is the flow of their articles?

Where they are using the opt-in form on their blogs and what other elements they are using on their blogs to make it more professional.

#3. Stop wasting time on Social media sites

I know that we all are addicted to social media sites. We all want to see what our ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is doing on Facebook.

We all are interested to know more about the people around us.

But believe me, it’s not going to change your life.

The only thing which is going to change your life, going to give you a luxurious life and help you make tons of money is your actions.

Start doing something for your blog.

Utilize the time which you waste on Facebook as the time to help people in various Facebook groups.

#4. Come out of shiny object syndrome

When we are using the internet, we see many money making opportunities every single day.

One day we are seeing a guy making tons of money with bitcoins, the next day we see another guy making millions of dollars by doing forex trading.

We all are going through shiny object syndrome.

So come out of this syndrome if you really want to see some results in your life. Decide what you actually want to do (now you have decided to become a blogger) and stick to it.

Do things on a consistent basis and soon you will see the results. so that’s the way how to start a blog and make money for the years to come.

Finally, I would like to say that YOU DID IT.

You have followed all the lessons.

This shows that how passionate you are to change your life and taking blogging seriously to bring abundance in your life in the coming few months.


I wish you all the very best 

Now, it’s fully your turn.

Bookmark this blog for regular updates and informative articles.

I’d be waiting for your comment/ email about your success story. Share how this 7 Steps helped you to build your online empire and how you achieved your dreams.

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