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Paid Traffic Sources To Increase Website Traffic & Promote Affiliate Offers

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Best Paid Traffic | Website Traffic | Sources To Get Quality Traffic

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing the first top thing comes to our mind is TRAFFIC.. Yeah..

How can sell anything when there is no one visiting your website or landing page or affiliate links?

You actually need a ton of people to see your offers in order to get some good number of sales and make huge profit.

You may have an awesome offer to sell, a high converting landing page, and also a top-notch sales funnel,but after even all this, you still need good amount of traffic to promote your Affiliate offers.

Moreover, you need high quality targeted traffic to your affiliate offers to make sales.

Almost all Affiliate Marketers struggle daily in promoting their offers. They don’t get the new ideas to promote their offers to the right people who can buy their product..

Over the last few years, it has been the biggest issue with Affiliate Marketers – Finding the best converting traffic sources to promote their offers.

It is a big question for all and needs appropriate answers.

That’s primarily the reason which prompted me to come up with a post wherein I will show you the paid traffic sources for promoting Affiliate offers.

Why Paid Traffic Is Important?

Paid traffic is Fast, Consistent and Scalable..

If you genuinely want to take Affiliate Marketing as a business so you can’t rely on free traffic..

You have to go for paid traffic as it can be super targeted and superfast, as you can literally have traffic on demand.

If you want 1000 visitors to your offer in a day… Boom, you get it..

or even you want a million visitors.. Boom! and it’s done..

Yes, you need to invest money for buying paid traffic but if its gives you  $2 back on each $1 spent then you are making huge money with this..Right?

So, It’s a sensible decision going for paid traffic..

Now what is more important is to know what traffic source is good for you or for your Affiliate offer or product..

This is where this post will help you.

We will talk about some important traffic sources here which are super converting for affiliate offers or cpa offers and I will keep adding more in the coming time in this post..

 So, let’s see the traffic sources now:

Pop-Under/Pop-Up Ads

Pop-Under Advertising is popular for highly converting ad campaigns. It offers extensive reach to their advertising partners at a very low price.

These Ads can be used for capturing email addresses using your landing pages, promoting online shopping sites,

cpa offers or even you can send traffic directly to your affiliate offer if you feel like.

These Pop-Under Ads open up in a new browser window or Tab and do not disturb the user and when the user is done with the work he was doing,

he notices the second tab and you get visitors and leads and sales.

pop under ad


This is one of the fastest growing company in advertising space. It offers different types of ads including pop-under ads, pop-ups, prerolls, postrolls, and overlay ads.

It provides 100% inventory monetization, detailed real-time statistics, 24/7 support and much more..

propeller ads


Visit PropellerAds Here<<===



This one masters the pop under ads and one of the leading advertising platform for pop under ads. It has got advertisers from as much as from 50 countries.

While using PopAds services you can look up to perfect security and superb support, as well.

pop ads


Visit PopAds Here<<====



This gives you full control over your ad campaigns. It is reliable and secure source. It provides detailed statistics. Plus,

it requires no minimum campaign budget. You can start a campaign with just $5.

Visit PopCash Here<<===



This is a fastest growing and highly rewarding  Pop under Ad Network. This offers Pop Under Ads, Push Up Ads, Display Banners, Direct Links and so on..

Visit ADSTERRA Here<<===

Solo Ads:

Solo ads are super powerful if you buy it from the right source.

Solo Ads is basically an email which is sent out specifically for us with our links to a an existing and converting list of emails obtained by solo ad seller via different promotions methods.

There are solo ads vendors in almost all the niches.

It works on pay per click method, you got to pay for the licks you get on your links.

you can even order for 50 clicks to test the traffic quality of the vendor and then scale it if you like it.

Solo Ads is the lower hanging fruit with a proven list of people and faster results.

There are many solo ads vendors in the market but all are not genuine. So I am sharing Two genuine vendors here as per my priority.

  1. UDIMI:

Udimi is the number 1 marketplace for buying solo ads as it filters the fake traffic and clicks and ban the vendor who is involved in these kind of activities..

It has the filters in place so you dont have to worry about the quality of the clicks.


You can search the vendors as per their rating, click rate and out of many more options.

Buy from the person who has got more good reviews and people got sales too out of the licks they got.

Otherwise solo ads’ purpose is to create a list fast and then you have to follow up with them using your autoresponder and create some rapport and then they become the customers.

If you get instant sales from the campaigns that is bonus for you 🙂 and many people get the sale depends at the offer you are promoting..

Some vendors even allow you to buy 50 clicks.

The click price varies from $0.35 to $0.70 depending on the rating and quality of the traffic.

Mostly you will get united states traffic at udimi.

Visit UDIMI here<<=== You Will Get $5 As SignUp Bonus


2. TrafficForMe

TrafficForMe is another solo ads vendor with good reputation.

If you have some good advertising budget you can buy huge traffic from this source and scale your business rapidly.

It has traffic for different niches and you can choose as per your requirement.


Visit TrafficForMe here<<===


Will Add Some More Quality Traffic Sources Soon To This Post If people like it and Share it..





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