Shopify Review 2018-Is It WORTH Using For E-Commerce Store? Quick Guide

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A Quick Overview Of Shopify.

Do you know E-Commerce websites make about 10-12% of internet share? And I always thought it was difficult to create an E-Commerce website until I visited shopify.

In the case of Global eCommerce industry. It simply shows the scope of online retail. But where there are great opportunities, competition also happens together.

With the rise in eCommerce startups, there is also an increase in the tools that provide entrepreneurs with technical services that start, manage and expand their online stores. To move forward in the tough competition, an eCommerce store will have to be well designed and well managed. Due to this, choosing right eCommerce store platform plays a huge role in the success of your business.

A similar tool that carries a moto carry for eCommerce better for everyone is Shopify. . In this review, we will know if it’s is a great eCommerce platform?

Over 180K (180,000)  Active Shopify stores are there on the internet. This number reflects the popularity of this service. What’s in this platform? Let’s see:

Who gave me confidence that I can create an eCommerce website?

Creating a successful eCommerce store, there is a lot more than creating a pretty looking website. Let’s know deeply about what are the important aspects of an eCommerce website that accomplish Shopify.


The dashboard can be a surprising relief for those people who are not much tech-savvy. It’s is quite intuitive as in the first login you get a quick explanation of every tab.

In addition to implementing advanced eCommerce features, manage all user-experience to create a cakewalk. Intimidating tasks such as enabling a product rating system and much more is just simple.

The only purpose of Shopify is to create a powerful E-Commerce platform for you wherein you can build an online store with zero coding. Simultaneously, it gives access to the code, if someone wants to play with the code.

In short, your eCommerce store will be up and running in minutes. How easy is it to get from Shopify’s admin controls?

shopify admin panel

Managing Storefront :

The main part of setting up an eCommerce store is to design a website, create different pages, and list products.

Design a website with Shopify, inside a breeze Shopify places the house to choose hundreds of free and paid themes. What we simply do is choose one, select, install and customize.

shopify theme store


Worried, how will you adjust to a prebuilt theme?

Well, you have the liberty to upload a third party theme or just modify an existing theme.

It also realizes that most new eCommerce websites come with a blog;

For this reason, we enable maintaining a parallel blog with the store. Even, a blog can also be created and attached to the store, without any coding.

It amplifies this that it’s simply a fully hosted blogging platform from an eCommerce platform too.

E-Store Management

Managing custom preferences, fulfilling orders, managing payments etc., may still be a tedious task, if not managed by any reliable store management system.

For all these things, a separate piece of code , designed to be embedded , will be embedded in your eCommerce website.

Even, popular CMSs such as Joomla and WordPress also have to install 10s of plugins to accomplish the comprehensive eStore management.

However, Shopify is a CMS which is dedicated to eCommerce, making it easy to manage eStore as needed.

The inbuilt major functions that come with an ideal store are inbuilt in Shopify which are given below:

  • Creating and managing profiles of customers.
  • Grouping profiles of customers according to shopping habits, payment preferences, geographical location, demography, etc. This information can be exported and later used to analyze the trends.
  • Also the Product basic information such as images, description, pricing, stock availability and so on, and categorizing products into collections, etc.
  • Create and sell customized gift cards for your brand.
  • Offering discount coupons as part of your marketing.
  • Check and Fulfil Orders
  • To notify customers of order confirmation, cancellation, shipping details and for refund notifications, order invoice and so many more e-mail templates for notifications.
  • An inbuilt CMS that is as easy as WordPress, with it creating and managing a blog for an eCommerce website.
  • Integration with over 70 payment gateways, including Google Wallet and Paypal.


E-Commerce Website Hosting- Completely Hassle Free

This is a fully hosted eCommerce platform. That is different from those eStores created by platforms such as WordPress,

you do not have to worry about hosting your website with a third party service. Shopify cares for your hosting needs at no extra cost.

Shopify level 1 provides PCI compliant hosting that keeps your customer information very secure with a 265 bit SSL certificate. These security features generally come with the hosting plans of the premium service provider.

You do not need plugins to begin the backup. Shopify also maintains it with daily backups. There is no need to get into the hassle of upgrading the CMS right now.

Shopify’s hosting default CDN is enabled so that it can ensure that your store runs faster.

It automatically updates the version of your CMS so that you can concentrate on managing your store.

Shopify Apps – Make Your E-commerce Website More Popular 

The Shopify Comprehend that every eStore must have all possible features of an eCommerce website. Therefore it keeps must-have features core in CMS and enables the remaining plugins to be more in-depth than Shopify Apps.

Shopify Apps allows you to extend the functionality of your eStore into myriad.

This App Store stores hundreds of free and paid apps, which is for links of accounts, social media management, newsletter management, currency converters, product reviews, product suggestions, account logins, cart management and more.

Shopify takes care that the app store is not full of all types of apps, by every other developer.

Anyone who goes to their app directory is tested very meticulously by the Shopify team. This avoids the listing of pointless apps that avoid the listing.

See how this process works.

Shopify offers all up to date SEO settings:

Optimizing the store for the search engine, Shopify has made it very intuitive. CMS allows easy customization of important areas of eCommerce SEO such as store/product title, description, heading tags etc.

Shopify will create XML sitemap too for your eStore for new and existing products, pages and posts and it will be auto updated

Shopify’s product rating system is fully compliant with Google’s rich snippets. This ensures your store to be listed in items of first search engine result pages, which brings better conversions.

On the front of Marketing, It provides you a coupon of Google AdWords for $ 100 to kickstart.

Shopify Support:

Shopify came into business during the infant stage of eCommerce.

Since then, it has helped to establish thousands of eCommerce startups in their respective niches. This is probably possible due to the customer support team.

Shopify is known for being the best support team in the industry, which is 24 × 7 multiple channels such as live chat, email support, toll-free number and a commendable YouTube channel where hundreds of helpful how-to-videos are available.

Shopify also gives access to an active form and a well-written manual. It also connects us with the eCommerce experts who give us lessons about building a successful business.

Shopify Analytics

For your eStore, analyzing shopping trends of your buyers will be helpful for you to choose the right products at the right time, for the right prospects.

Shopify Analytics helps a ton in creating the Right marketing strategy.

This tool gives you every little detail, such as sales, payments, traffic/referral and other useful insights.

shopify analytics option


Shopify Pricing: It’s Actually Affordable For All.

It offers different plans for different needs, with a Starter Pack of $ 29/month.

However, the most expensive plan, Shopify Plus, is $299/month and can be customized for high volume traffic.

This is the three packages they offer:

shopify pricing

Shopify charges 2.9% + 30c per transaction,  2.5% + 30c per transaction and 2.25% + 30c per transaction, according to the plan you choose.

Check the package details here

What do I do good about Shopify and not?

It’s amazing that you can create a full-fledged eCommerce website, without any coding clue. But there are many other services that promise to do this too.

However, Shopify is dodging all those services due to its well-thought system, which not only helps in setting up your site but also helps in managing the store at most ease.

The above support, which Shopify provides, is itself one of it’s kind.

Shopify is a great place to learn from eCommerce University-industry experts and also learn from 1000s of successful stories.

This shows that Shopify tries to increase CMS. In my opinion, Shopify eCommerce website has a 360 * solution to start and grow.

Create your own site on Shopify


What do you think about Shopify? Would you like to make Shopify your e-commerce partner?



shopify review 2018


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